• A moment of self-care can change your day

    A string of such moments can change the course of your life

    A collection of practices to explore how to use self-myofascial release techniques, and to help you reap the benefits of this self-care work.

    This Myofascial Release bundle is a series of 7 classes that combine Myofascial release techniques and vinyasa flow. Each class targets a different part of the body so you can be specific in in your practice and your healing. The series aims to help with range of motion, injuries, scar tissue, tension, muscle recovery or muscle function.

    To learn more about Imogen and her teaching visit: www.imogennorthyoga.com

  • Who is the series for?

    This series is for yogis with mid-level ability. You will need some awareness of the basics of yoga and a desire to continue to grow your practice. It combines dynamic vinyasa flow with myo-fascial release techniques. Please don't hesitate to ping Imogen an email if you have any questions.

    What's included?

    7x 60 minute Classes combining dynamic vinyasa flow and myo-fascial release techniques


    Parts of the body that are targeted:

    1. The Hips

    2. The Spine

    3. The Trunk

    4. The Feet & The Lower Legs

    5. The Arms and The Shoulder

    6. The Neck & Upper Back

    7. The Quads


    All classes are downloadable and available for you to keep.

    All classes are recorded during lockdown under current restricted circumstances.

    Imogen is always on hand via email to answer any questions about your practice or your journey with this series.


    £45 (GBP) payment via Paypal


    Special Offers:

    Combo Package: Buy 'Flow & Release' and 'Raise Your Vibrations' series at the same time for just £60 (GBP)

    Trio Bundle: Buy 'Flow & Release', 'Raise Your Vibrations' and 'Power Up Your Potential' series at the same time for just £100 (GBP)


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    Flow & Release :

    The Quads

    A class focusing on the Rectus Femoris - great for runners and cyclists!

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